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If your shipment is traveling overseas via vessel, IPSI offers full-service sea container loading, blocking & bracing! This service is also available at your location or ours, and optimization & load planning come included!

Container Block and Bracing 

Improper loading can lead to damage to your cargo. IPSI will design a container layout to make sure to use all the space in a container from wall to wall. Whether you need a container loaded at your facility or ours, IPSI will ensure your product is loaded, blocked, and braced professionally. IPSI uses ISPM 15 Compliant wood for blocking to meet the international requirements. IPSI will make sure the weight is evenly dispersed within the container to ensure safe transportation to its destination. IPSI will also pack the container tightly to keep cargo secured, so that it does not move around and become damaged, so you will have the peace of mind knowing your product is safely loaded.