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Corrugated packaging is one more option IPSI offers for flexibility for your product. Corrugated packaging comes in many sizes which has the durability to withstand shipping and great for storage. 

Corrugated Packaging

IPSI can provide custom corrugated containers and boxes to meet your shipping needs. Corrugated is lightweight, durable, and IPSI can build any Corrugated container to meet the needs of the product being shipped. IPSI takes in many factors including weight, dimension, and mode of transportation. If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to wood crating for items that require less protection for shipping and handling, corrugated is the perfect solution.
IPSI can find a solution for your specific shipping needs no matter how unique. If you are looking for Hard shell cases, Heat shrink wrapping, Vapor barrier, Anti-static, or Specialized cushioning let IPSI give you the peace of mind knowing that we can handle all of your specialized shipping needs.