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Our design staff boasts 80+ years of combined experience in our industry! We have the know-how and innovative solutions for any project you throw our way. Let IPSI serve as your own in-house packaging engineering & document control specialist!

It starts with the design.

Every Customer’s product is unique therefore every design becomes custom to our clients needs. If your product is sensitive to vibration, oversized, fragile, shipping via flatbed, truck, air, or ocean vessel our design ensures its safety.

IPSI not only has a design department that has brought us to the top, but we have the document control department to ensure your peace of mind is never forgotten.

Why does document control matter?

IPSI understands business is constantly changing, which is why we can pull designs from past years and implement a change to fit our client’s new and improved product without starting from scratch. Our ability to service our client’s needs accurately and quickly completes the package of why IPSI is Minnesota’s leading packaging and crating company.
At IPSI, we have an extensive database of industrial packaging solutions, containing several different types of designs to cover each of the major industrial transport modes.  Our product offering includes the following, among several others:

  • Custom wood shipping crates
  • Skids and pallets
  • Protective and Supplemental Packaging
  • Specialty Packaging