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IPSI offers professional crews to be dispatched to your location to carefully load, preserve & secure your product in final preparation for domestic or international shipment. We can also receive your equipment in house at one of our facilities and perform this same service!

Crating and Packaging 

When the type of product your company is packaging is difficult to transfer; fragile, heavy, oversized, or cannot move without cushioning and preservation, our full service crating experts will come to your facility and ensure the proper preservation and packaging of your products. IPSI will have your custom crates delivered to your location with all preservation, blocking and bracing, and any other special securing methods needed. IPSI’s on site crating experts will have everything on hand to ensure your product is expertly packed. Regardless of the scope of your project, or the level of involvement you wish IPSI to have, IPSI offers peace of mind to all our customers with our expert packaging. 

In-House Crating and Packaging 

IPSI offers in-house packing at our location. If there is not room for packing your product at your facility, IPSI offers in-house packing to all of our customers. Once your product arrives safely  at our location, our design team will design a crate to safely contain your product. Our expert packaging staff will package your product to safely transport your product to its final destination. Once your project is packed, IPSI’s shipping department assists our customers with setting up trucks or containers for you to ship your product to its final destination.