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Additional protection may be required due to expected distribution or environmental hazards. This may include isolated decks with foam to dampen shock events, or vapor barrier bagging to mitigate potential damage risks caused by corrosion. Other supplemental materials such as custom hardware, brackets, framing & blocking, etc. are
also included in your final packaging assembly if required.

Preservation Packaging

Several factors are involved in the type of preservation your product needs to arrive at its destination in good condition. Destination, mode of transportation, climate changes, type of product and storage requirements are all taken into consideration when IPSI determines which preservation method is used for your shipment. IPSI offers vacuum heat seal vapor barrier, VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) poly, heat shrink, 4mil poly dirt & moisture protection, desiccants & vapor capsules.

Heat Shrink Wrapping

IPSI offers heat shrink wrapping services to all our customers. Heat shrink wrap is ideal for items that are in need of long-term storage, oversized, or items that need to be weatherized. IPSI’s expert on-site team will come to your location to ensure your item is professionally wrapped to protect against the elements. 

Vapor Barrier Packaging

IPSI understands the extra needs that transporting sensitive items takes. IPSI uses a vapor barrier bag with desiccant and heat sealed. Then shrink wrapped to maximize protection against unwanted humidity and moisture build up.