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Our wood shipping crates come in all shapes and sizes including; reusable option for closed-loop shipping requirements, trade show booth shipping, or returnable packaging for repeated use.

Reusable Crates

IPSI understands that some of your products need to be shipped repeatedly. IPSI starts with the item being shipped including its fragility, size, weight, and value, and your budget. IPSI’s design team will then design interior packaging to protect your product inside the crate during transportation. IPSI uses a variety of foam, insta-pak, carpet to ensure proper cushioning and protection.
IPSI’s design team will design a custom crate that will protect the item, using link locks, hinges, casters, or anything that will assist you in opening your reusable crate without tools. IPSI’s reusable crates are built to withstand the rigors of repeated handling and shipping, perfect for trade shows. IPSI can apply labels and markings, and even stencil your company’s logo on the container.
IPSI knows that foreign countries require that all reusable crates made of wood that are shipped from the U.S. need to be heat treated. IPSI uses ISPM 15 compliant wood on all reusable crates. IPSI stamps all skids and crates with an ISPM 15 “bug stamp”. Your company will have the peace of mind knowing that your reusable crate will meet all shipping standards whether domestic or international.